Mo-Kan Chapter

Keynote Speaker, Sam Glenn, The Authority on Attitude.

Cheryl Scott, our National Sec/Treas. for 2018-19 campaign for 2019-20 President. We are so proud of Cheryl for being a remarkable example of the kind of professional we all aspire to be. 

Beth Zans, being part of the committee that helps run a national conference. 

Meg Bell, our Top Ten and Patty Bundi, our Woman of the Year at luncheon to celebrate TT/WOY.

Highlights from 2019 National Conference in KC, MO!

Annual Chapter Dues $60 Payable August 1st (Fiscal Year)

Mark your calendar for these Events you won't want to miss!!​


  • March 26-28th:   Regional Conference in Louisville, KY for Districts III & V, go to for more info!
  • ​April 2-4th:          Regional Conference in Sugarland, TX for Districts II & VI, go to for more info!
  • April 8th:          5:30 PM Chapter Meeting, Lisa Cooper - Workplace Healing After Trauma. Learn more at

                         And we're celebrating Mo-Kan Chapter's 40th anniversary!!!!!!

  • April 23-25th:      Regional Conference in Durham, NC for Districts I & IV, go to for more info!
  • May 13th:        5:30 PM Chapter Meeting, Gina Stuelke - Entrepreneurial Series   Kenton Brothers


Best Practice, Level 2!! (pictured) Cheryl Scott, National Sec/Trea 2019-20, Beth Zans, Kim Dixon, Meg Bell, Sharon Corben, Kathy Richer, Jody Skelton, Krina Snider, Patty Bundi, Jennie Darby.