Best Practice, Level 2!! (pictured) Cheryl Scott, National Sec/Trea 2019-20, Beth Zans, Kim Dixon, Meg Bell, Sharon Corben, Kathy Richer, Jody Skelton, Krina Snider, Patty Bundi, Jennie Darby.

Beth Zans, being part of the committee that helps run a national conference. 

Mark your calendar for these Events you won't want to miss!!​


  • ​​July 8th:            Chapter Meeting will have Lucy Bloom from Veronica's Voice and Misty Hughes from The Single Mom KC. 
  • July 21st:          6:00 PM Chapter Board meeting, all are welcome to attend!
  • August 1st: New Chapter Year Begins!
  • August 12th:      Chapter meeting, guest speaker Dawn Zerbs on how to do successful transitions
  • September 9th: Chapter meeting, guest speaker on Legacy planning 
  • October 14th:    Chapter meeting, guest speaker will be Dr. Mausemee Hussain on Women's wellness matrix
  • November 11th: Chapter meeting, guest speaker will be Lisa Cooper Workplace Healing: Bringing H.O.P.E. to Corporate America


Annual Chapter Dues $60 Payable August 1st (Fiscal Year)

Keynote Speaker, Sam Glenn, The Authority on Attitude.

Mo-Kan Chapter

Cheryl Scott, our National Sec/Treas. for 2018-19 campaign for 2019-20 President. We are so proud of Cheryl for being a remarkable example of the kind of professional we all aspire to be. 

Highlights from 2019 National Conference in KC, MO!

Meg Bell, our Top Ten and Patty Bundi, our Woman of the Year at luncheon to celebrate TT/WOY.