April 2024 - 44th Anniversary Celebration!

Holiday event 2023!

Annual Chapter Dues $60 Payable August 1st (Fiscal Year)

Mo-Kan Chapter

Mo-Kan Members at the 2023 National Women's Leadership Conference in Chattanooga! 

Meg Bell, Krina Snider, Kristina Mason, and our 2022-23 District VP Kathy McBride!

Previous programs:

  • Leadership - It Starts with You! - Lauren Scheiffer CSP
  • Intern to President - Succeeding in a Male Dominated Industry - Erin Rosenthal
  • Lead Not React™, Doing Decision Making Differently to Grow This Year - Debra Kunz
  • Nonprofits and Entrepreneurship, Building Impact: How Nonprofits Can Boost Mission Awareness & Reach Through Social Entrepreneurship - Anna Fiorella
  • Where Compassion Meets Sustainability - Amy Cox of Flourish Furniture Bank
  • 3 Strategies to Focus Better! Tools for More Effective Communication! - Dr. Laura Janusik
  • Build Your Own Table – Empowering Success in the Workplace (and life!) - Monica Massey

Mark your calendar for these Events you won't want to miss!!​

The Mo-Kan Chapter meets the 2nd Wednesday evening each month

See the list below of previous featured programs!​​​​

  • June 7-8, 2024: Kansas City Area Council hosts Recognition Weekend; all the details including reservations here!
  • June 12th, 2024: Monthly Chapter Event: Speaker Burton Kelso
  • ​July 10th, 2024: Monthly Chapter Event: Speaker Kristina Eisenhower
  • ​August 14th, 2024: Monthly Chapter Event
  • ​September 11th, 2024: Monthly Chapter Event
  • September 25-28th, 2024: ABWA National Women's Leadership Conference in Overland Park, KS
  • ​October 9th, 2024: Monthly Chapter Event
  • ​November 13th, 2024: Monthly Chapter Event
  • ​​December 11th, 2024: Holiday Event